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About eLoong Dumplings

Established in 2017, eLoong Dumplings is the place to experience the delectable cuisine from northern China. The meaning of the restaurant name is straight forwarded. "e" is from the Chinese pronunciation of "one", and "Loong" is the Chinese pronunciation for dumpling carrier: a bamboo steaming basket. Therefore, eLoong Dumplings means, a carrier of delicious dumplings. 


We specialize in freshly hand-made dumplings. We put our heart into each and every one of them, and we make them 100% from scratch. We use fresh seasonal produce, with absolutely no MSG, nor any other artificial flavor enhancer or additives. We focus on light, freshly made sauces and endeavor to bring out the flavor of our fresh ingredients, instead of masking our delicacies in heavy greasy sauce.


Our signature dumpling is called Xiaolongbao. Bao is the Chinese word for, "bun." Xiaolongbao is a type of Chinese steamed bun cooked in a small bamboo steaming baskets called Xiaolong, which gives the dumplings their name. Traditionally, Xiaolongbao is filled with pork and broth made from chicken bones. After steaming, the Xiaolongbao is served hot in the Xiaolong in which it was cooked. It is brought directly to the table, presented on a bed of dried leaves or a paper mat. As is customary in China, the buns are dipped in a simple sauce of Zhenjiang vinegar, seasoned with minced ginger. Traditionally, in China, it is not recommended to dip any dumplings in soy sauce because of its strong flavor, which masks the flavor of the dumpling itself. In addition to dumplings and buns, we also offer a variety of fried rice, noodle, and fried rice-cake plates, as well as dishes featuring sautéed greens. 

From the Reviews

Mia Liu, the creator of eLoong Dumplings, immigrated from the northern part of China, where she grew up in Shandong Province. This area is famous for its traditional steamed savory pastries, which including Mantou, Wowotou, Baos, and dumplings. She arrived in the United States over 30 years ago. The memories of tastes she yearned to re-experience, fueled her passion to recreate the delicacies from her youth. While she was a stay-at-home-mom, she experimented with locally provisioned produce and meats, to recreate these traditional savory pastries for her American family. Now shes share her passion and enthusiasm for her hometown food with everyone in her community.


Welcome to eLoong Dumplings! We are eager to serve you the best 
fresh, authentic, traditional steamed savory dumplings. We anticipate introducing more traditional dumplings, bao and keto menu items in the very near future. We are committed 
to bringing unique, authentic Chinese food to our community. "Bon Appetite!"


“The dumplings are amazing!! Me and my wife love dumplings and would travel long distances to go get them, we are thrilled that we now have a local Xiaolongbao place. Totally a keeper, don't be fooled by the initial reviews, we will be here every week!”   --------- Luis M.


“Wow! When I heard there was a dumpling place nearby, I just knew I regretted it if I did make time to dine here! I came during lunch time and the restaurant was absolutely packed, which isn't surprising. I had to order what I would usually get at Din Tai Fung to make a proper comparison. The soup dumplings were absolutely wonderful! I did notice that the flavor was slightly different from the ones I get at DTF and they had a slight crunch in them, but for not being a large chain restaurant they were good! I think the food was slightly less salty than DTF.”   --------- Kristen D.


"SUPER impressed by Eloongs food and customer service. We had the sesame noodles that were full of flavor, we would have licked the plates clean if we weren't in public. The chicken dumplings were to die for! Melted in your mouth! The staff was super helpful in explaining the menu and making sure we were enjoying everything. We will definitely be back soon."   --------- Mel K.

From the Press

Dumplings fans are enjoying the real deal in a modern Westlake Village strip mall at eLoong Dumplings, where owner Mia Liu offers the flour-based specialties of her native Shandong province. “This is not dim sun,” she says, “and it’s not Cantonese.” One noteworthy dish is the Szechuan soup with braised beef shank and fresh fat noodles in mildly spicy and hauntingly delicious broth with hints of star anise. Come early for a fix of the classic, steamed XiaoLong Bao pork dumplings, broth-filled and served with the traditional grated fresh ginger and black vinegar, made daily. 

---------------- 805 Living